The 'tail?' of 2 weirdos


Communism (fierce mode)

Oh you not gonna believe this

Together mapping Kg Seri Repah

Klinik Desa Felda Bukit Rokan Utara
Sitting : Dr Yunus
Standing in white : M.A Ahnaf
Standing in black : Jang the patient

Assalamualaikum. Emm oh today is Wednesday. SSM? - not yet started.. Visit report? - need a little bit of touch up.. Shall I call ambulance.? or perhaps fireman.? Hafazan? - ops.. I have started to think my schedule is filled up with a quintillion of tasks in the next 1 and a half week.. Is it.? Err.. I mean only for a lazy boy who is not use to do multitasking jobs like me.. But still having a nice time to jot a flash of memory to be kept in the blog..
Oh sorry, in this post I would like to introduce my beloved audience, to my dear friends, Mr yunus and Mr Ahnaf.. Perhaps many will be able to correlate the title given with the pictures above.. These 2 fellows are a good friends of mine.. They are having a peacefull live in Bangi, precisely Jalan 3.. what so special about these 2 guys is, weird things always happening when ordinary people like me hanging around with them.. Not only weird things keep occuring, they themselves are a bunch of weirdos..
As usual, I only want to introduce my friends to the others.. This is just for fun and I believe that Yunus and Ahnaf will not mad with me.. I think it is more than enough for me to call it a brief introduction.. Let us get to know them better in the next post..
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