Modeling part-1

Assalamualaikum. Emm now comes the part that I waited most in this eventful year - holiday.. I still can go to the cyber cafe, therefore for my respected audience, need not to worry.. InsyaAllah I will keep blogging.. This time we would like to discuss about modeling as mentioned in the title above, if you can see it.. I am sorry for the space given, I have to cut it into 2 parts because I need to budget post as ordered by the government.. Everything had to be cut 30%.. Every photographers or anyone who have camera, they must have something to shoot.. Buildings, animals, Trees, and anything.. So if we go back to the history, we will see that the main propose of the camera is to photograph people.. In this case, they might be our relatives, friends or foes.. Therefore we might need someone as our model, so we can take their pictures as many as we can.. There might be specific criterias that make us choose them as our model.. One might looks for the apperance, height, dressing and many more.. To me, as long as they follow the orders given, it will be much much more than enough.. However, people we look for the product, and one of the key elements is photogenicity.. Some people especially the girls ehem.. ehem.. they love if their picture is taken.. But because they might be overacting, we might find them as photogedik.. This sometimes may ruin the picture..
Here are the list of my models.. Full time models : Yunus, Amira and Ahnaf.. And the others I consider them as the part timers.. First thing we must remember is, we never pay them a single cent, therefore we must get their consent patiently.. I admit some of the model are really co-operative and some are not.. The key word here is "patient" and we must remember every shot is the best shot because the chance may not come twice.. I can not write anymore because I only had limited money to be paid at the cashier.. Sometimes I wonder why a genius blogger like me (pore-your) does not own broadband in my hand.? Anyway, please wait for my next post.. (timing and location)
Ahnaf in pilot mode
Nurazah fonds to get into my lens..
Sakinah kB applied to be my model recently
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