modeling part-2

Assalamualaikum. Emm okay.. now we meet again in the 2nd part of modeling.. In this post, I will stress on the timing, location and the expression of our dear models.. Actually I forgot to tell that I am new in taking picture of human being ops.! I mean people.. ( sometimes we forget that we are human too ) Anyhow, whenever you did the same thing again and again.. We will get 'it'.. 'It' is something that I can not tell but to make the story simple and short, there is something that each photographer or camera owner will find, a 'view' that can make each shot beauty and attractive even it is a picture of orang utan..Timing..

Too early.. Model does not get enough time to prepare
Too late.. Model performed over pose
Nice timing.. well pose.. But we can see the smile is not natural
Natural smile at the right time


Korea.? Tampin
This picture is taken in Frazer Hill
Location also plays an important part in photographing our models


1 Malaysia .?
Depressed.. The ladies will always do

Emm thanks, I think that is a little about this post.. I just want to share a piece of my humble knowledge and I hope my beloved audience can apply and take better pictures.. But remember when you take more pictures, you will get 'it'.. Believe me and happy trying.!!

Modeling part-1

Assalamualaikum. Emm now comes the part that I waited most in this eventful year - holiday.. I still can go to the cyber cafe, therefore for my respected audience, need not to worry.. InsyaAllah I will keep blogging.. This time we would like to discuss about modeling as mentioned in the title above, if you can see it.. I am sorry for the space given, I have to cut it into 2 parts because I need to budget post as ordered by the government.. Everything had to be cut 30%.. Every photographers or anyone who have camera, they must have something to shoot.. Buildings, animals, Trees, and anything.. So if we go back to the history, we will see that the main propose of the camera is to photograph people.. In this case, they might be our relatives, friends or foes.. Therefore we might need someone as our model, so we can take their pictures as many as we can.. There might be specific criterias that make us choose them as our model.. One might looks for the apperance, height, dressing and many more.. To me, as long as they follow the orders given, it will be much much more than enough.. However, people we look for the product, and one of the key elements is photogenicity.. Some people especially the girls ehem.. ehem.. they love if their picture is taken.. But because they might be overacting, we might find them as photogedik.. This sometimes may ruin the picture..
Here are the list of my models.. Full time models : Yunus, Amira and Ahnaf.. And the others I consider them as the part timers.. First thing we must remember is, we never pay them a single cent, therefore we must get their consent patiently.. I admit some of the model are really co-operative and some are not.. The key word here is "patient" and we must remember every shot is the best shot because the chance may not come twice.. I can not write anymore because I only had limited money to be paid at the cashier.. Sometimes I wonder why a genius blogger like me (pore-your) does not own broadband in my hand.? Anyway, please wait for my next post.. (timing and location)
Ahnaf in pilot mode
Nurazah fonds to get into my lens..
Sakinah kB applied to be my model recently

Islamic doctor.?

Emm chocolate.! Shall I meet the dentist after this.?
Assalamuualaikum. Emm the Community Health mode was over.. Now holiday mode might be.? Being a muslim is the most expansive give I got.. Should all the people obey the Islamic rules, the universe will be peaceful and harmony.. However, here we are in the mortal earth, nothing is perfect.. People will keep harming others if not to themself..
Krrriinngggg.... I got a call in a very peaceful morning.. By the way that is not my ring tone.. It is an anonymous number.. I picked up and answered.. It is a low sad voice and I can not recognize whose voice is this although I used to hear the voice for 5 years.. It looks like an urgent, but why must the tune is really awkward.? "Deen, you are a doctor right.?" Of course he was speaking in Malay that time.. I mean I already translated it to English.. "A friend of mine had aborted her 4 month baby, the "meat" had been pull out.. But she is not sure which one is placenta.?" he said calmly.. Now I knew to whom I was talking to.. So sad to see my friend put himself in that situation..
I asked him why dont they bring the girl to the clinic or hospital.? The excuse was, they dont have money for that.. I told him if they go to the hospital, the dont pay much.. It seems that no point for me to elaborate more as they want to make it 'simple and easy.?' The point is, they already got the meat, but they were unsure about the placenta.. To make it short, I told him bla.. bla the bla.. He said "yes she is still bleeding.." It is normal if they have minor bleeding after delivery.. But if it is not stopping or become worse, they should bring her to the hospital.. I mention the word 'they' because he said that he was only the third party and just helping both of his friends.. Actually the placenta is already out, but they were not sure of it.. My friend is really happy and he said they are preparing to bury it in respected way.. (at least they respect the death)

All the time given is the time for the future

After a lengthy discussion, i told him if the girl becomes weaker or get a high grade fever, just bring her to the hospital.. After a moment, we ended our conversation.. It is not end there.. Up until now, I still keep thinking whether I have done my job correctly and ethically.. Yes, as a doctor, I think I almost fullfilled my job in recuing the girl.. But have I done my job as an Islamic doctor.? Now the depth of my stupidity keeps haunting me.. I regretted not to remind them even 1 sentence. At least I should leave him an advice to remember Allah or confess before the time comes.. If we are a great engineer, let us be a great Islamic engineer, or if we are a successful bussinessman, remeber that all we have now, is from Allah.. And in the end we will be with Him, Hopefully.. Enough from me for today..
p/s : Oh so lucky, I got my friend to take picture of me.. Credit to Faiz Ezanee for the first picture.. The other pictures brought to you by Yunus the weirdo's masterpiece.. Anyhow I believe you dont really want to see my pictures

Just for fun part-2

My friend Yunus

Sense of humour
Never break your promise or else you will be there with those munafiqin.. As promised, I bring you the other half of my bed time story about the sun-shed side of KalikukuA planet.. The area is really cold.. -74.9 degree celcious.. Once I heard a story from Moscow, when the temperature reach -50 degree celcious, the ear will become freeze and can be detached from the head like we rip a biscuit apart..

Playing with water
The cold weather here influence the behaviour of the population.. They tend to hibernate in order to maintain their body temperature as normal as possible.. This dormant state allow them to save their food and energy.. Therefore those from this area are believed to have pieceful mind due to their calmness even a great calamity approaching.. No matter where or how, one from this tribe tends to be relax and it also influences the mind get rid from the soul.. Even during playing football they might think that they are somewhere in the cave..

Playing with doll

It is thought that those who live in this side of the planet are very afraid of spukati (cat).. They have the speed to run away if chased by this spukati.. (different planet will have different cat) and the researchers believe they are bestowed by the speed of lightning as their defensive mechanism against danger.. They also known as brave fighters and we can find them winning the martial art competition with ease.. Silat, wushu, silambam you name it.. This is because of their speed and strong body build.. Although they are very relax and cool in many aspects, never try to get them angry.. You not gonna see it.. Horror and creepy..

I believe I completed a series of 3 awful stories as a special introduction to my beloved friends Ahnaf and Yunus. I hope these post will not touch one's feeling.. Allah created his servants with different personalities.. However it gives a colourful life.. We should be very grateful to Allah for giving us good friends who can remind us when we do mistake..

Just for fun part-1

My friend Ahnaf

A weirdo is a genius creature from the Planet KalikukuA

This might be continuation of the post entitled The tail? of 2 weirdos.. It is recorded in ancient scroll that there was a planet called KalikukuA in an infamous galaxy named iragaga.. The planet never rotates however it still orbitting the giant stars of Maribu.. Because the planet is not rotating, 1 side of the planet is always day and the other had always night.. The population of the planet is called weirdo.. 1 weirdo.. 2 weirdos.. Count it yourself..

Because of the burning temperature of 1 side of the planet, the behavior of the weirdo is affected too. Rumours has it, 1 who came from the side that face the giant star of Maribu with 456 degree celcious will somehow can get angry within a split second and with an unknown reason.. It is because of the sudden explosion from 1 area of the brain.. That is why sometimes people label these weirdos as PMS.. We cannot predict their feeling.. The extremely high temperature of the planet also influence the stamina of the people.. They have a very long lasting stamina.. Therefore they are famous long-distant runner especially in cross country or road relay tournament..
Looking for a space ship

P/s : The other weirdo came from the sun-shed area of the planet.. want to know him, meet me in the next episode.. huhu

The 'tail?' of 2 weirdos


Communism (fierce mode)

Oh you not gonna believe this

Together mapping Kg Seri Repah

Klinik Desa Felda Bukit Rokan Utara
Sitting : Dr Yunus
Standing in white : M.A Ahnaf
Standing in black : Jang the patient

Assalamualaikum. Emm oh today is Wednesday. SSM? - not yet started.. Visit report? - need a little bit of touch up.. Shall I call ambulance.? or perhaps fireman.? Hafazan? - ops.. I have started to think my schedule is filled up with a quintillion of tasks in the next 1 and a half week.. Is it.? Err.. I mean only for a lazy boy who is not use to do multitasking jobs like me.. But still having a nice time to jot a flash of memory to be kept in the blog..
Oh sorry, in this post I would like to introduce my beloved audience, to my dear friends, Mr yunus and Mr Ahnaf.. Perhaps many will be able to correlate the title given with the pictures above.. These 2 fellows are a good friends of mine.. They are having a peacefull live in Bangi, precisely Jalan 3.. what so special about these 2 guys is, weird things always happening when ordinary people like me hanging around with them.. Not only weird things keep occuring, they themselves are a bunch of weirdos..
As usual, I only want to introduce my friends to the others.. This is just for fun and I believe that Yunus and Ahnaf will not mad with me.. I think it is more than enough for me to call it a brief introduction.. Let us get to know them better in the next post..

Friend photoshoot - Elya

Friendly : Elya with Bahiyyah

Angry (maybe)

Smiley : I have to zoom from 1.5 km to get this picture

Macho : But I believe she is the second after the machoest  girl in my class.. Can you guess the first.?

Assalamualaikum. Emm this maybe the final post before I leave Tampin tomorrow.. And now I am getting sick to get out from here maybe only at this momento.. But I believe not long after leaving this unholy place, I will be the quickest to feel Tampin-sick because I find this place is so lovely.. In the evening I can play my favourite game, tennis.. Or I can soak my socks by climbing The infamous Gunung Tampin.. By the way it is not a mountain, just a hill with few pylons transmitter..

Back to our topic, this post is dedicated to my yet best friend, Elya.. I have a friend, (she) who has 2 different ends, sweet and sour.? Right now I dont think she can see me around because she will always starling at me.. Many of my friends wonder why the way she threats me differ from the others.. No one know and it is a mysery mystery that I believe she also have no idea why.? Only god knows her servant.. But I hope one day she will be okay with me because I can not see any faulty from my side.. Perhaps I did something and not realize it.. My apology.. Okay thats all for now, hope to write again when I reach Ampang by Saturday maybe.?

p/s : These pictures only can be seen here.. Anyone who want the pictures, please kindly ask them from me..

Tampin Faces part 1

Smiley faces - Klinik Desa Bukit Rokan Utara  

Satisfaction - Umbai Seafood

Not worth to come (expensive)

Casual - Junkie Jang feat Azah (have finger no ring)

A tale of 2 weirdos - Smiling in the fog

Sunny day - la nina yet to come

P/s : got so many pictures but no time to publish..