Panning technique

Assalamualaikum and a very good day and night. Emm for what we buy a camera if we dont make use of it.? Why some people claim that they are very interested in photography.? One might thinks that photography is his or her hobby.. Actually photography is a very healthy way to express ourselves and to propose our interest.. For me it is just a kind of a hobby that suits a daredevil like me.

There was once a boring evening.. Nothing to do.. Bare in mind I am still in community health mode.. I left my racing horse in Tampin therefore I can not move further than 1 inch.. Oh, so boring.. But luckily I still got my camera with me.. Within a split second I knew I can kill my time with my camera.. Please never use your camera to kill anybody..

I went down the condo, stood at the road side and setting my camera.. What more important here is to set the camera especially for those who prefer manual shots.. In amazement I only know how to shoot with manual and auto modes.. Therefore the shutter priority or aperture priority modes has lost its function at all..

Please click at me.. Really sharp is it.?

We have to know that, in the road there are 2 types of vehicle.. 1st is non moving vehicles and the other is moving vehicles. It is routine thing to capture the non moving vehicles.. But for the moving vehicles.. Well it is not as easy as we think.. For those who prefer manual shots, they need to be alert on the speed, light and distance of the vehicle from us.. Usually in the sunny day, where the intensity of light is high, many favour to capture the high speed vehicle.. We even can capture a still image of a formula one car.. In contrast, people will look for slower moving vehicle in cloudy day considering the intensity of light at that time is lower. The most important thing is to follow the movement of the vehicle.. It is easier to follow the distant vehicles rather than the near one..

Experience if not the best, is a very-very good teacher.. The setting we used basically base on our skill and experience.. For the beginner, the easiest way to learn and prediction for the setting is by capturing the picture using the auto mode.. When we get the picture we want, we look for the info and the camera will tell us the right setting we have to use.. After that we can try to set the camera ourselves base on what the camera tell us before.. Easy right.. Well let us try it.. Please try this at home and make the camera as your best friend.!!

Post-natal visit

Assalamualaikum. Emm hi there, we are still in the Community Health mode, few events past but many more to come and this time we had a home visit to a post-natal mother's house. The word post tell us the thing had already happen or occured. Natal means birth. Therefore post-natal means after birth. We were led by a community nurse (jururawat masyarakat) to a house which is not far from Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah.
Weighing the child to check whether the baby growth well or not

The baby borns 10 days ago, and had slight yellowish tinged on the skin. Oh I am sorry. I mean jaundice or the elders might call it 'sakit kuning'. It is not rare for the newborn to had this problem. It is because there will be destruction of fetal (fetus) blood when the baby detaches from the mother. It is because of accumulation of bilirubin in the blood. Too much bilirubin in the blood is dangerous for the children. If it accumulate in the brain, the baby will suffer afterward. If they escape the death, they might ended with becoming a slow learner or 'lambat pickup'. Therefore usually for treatment, the baby is put under a special light to get rid of the bilirubin by oxidising it. That is why if we go to a post-natal clinic, we might see some babies are put under a purplish light.
Measuring the mother blood pressure

Not only we look after the baby, we also have to have a look to the mother. It is because a healthy children are related with healthy mothers. If everything is okay, then we dont have to come to the house anymore. Hopefully the mother (I forgot the her name) will rise a clever handsome boy in few years. Aaamiin


It is said that, our metabolism will drop by 2% in every 10 years of life.. That is why, we use to see the elderlies are more fleshy than the younger one.. Here I do not state that all the youngsters are thin, but compare to the elders, we are more lucky to have a higher metabolic rate compare to them and suppose to be thinner than them.. But in reality, there are a lot of kids and teenagers who is overweight and some are obese.. 

Eating habit should be monitored.. We also must know our workloads and activities done daily.. Therefore we can assure that the foods taken are used to generate energy.. Because some people just keep eating and eating, they tend to forget that they actually live in a sedentary lifestyle which is one of the most important factor of obesity..

This is jotted down as a reminder for me and other friends that had been or yet to realize that they are 'heavy' right now.. Remember, we are not married yet and need to keep the assets and our price high.. Huhu actually me myself can not co-op with this situation and many others out there will face the problem..

Schools and Universities should conducts their own version of 'The Biggest Looser' at their place to introduce people the right way to maintain body fitness.. Remember.! Only eat when needed in a small amounts and to have an extra session of exercises every week.. Not to forget the role fo parents to watch their children

This advertisement, may not work to some people, but believe me, many people out there are in a real threat.. Let us burn our fat and keep the body fit and tight..

Community Health

Part 1 - Research Proposal : Never ending story

Assalamualaikum. Emm this is my last posting in this long season, Community Health.. Actually when the rumors came saying that my group will do this posting earlier there was a little bit feeling of uneasy in my mind.. It is because this is a very enjoyable posting and it will be nice if it is in the end of the year as my final posting.. So I can continue joy when end year break comes.. Allah knows everything.. My dream comes true.. And now, I am here in the Community Health posting at the very end of the season..

Although people find it as a very relax and joyful posting, in the first week we are given a task to propose a research.. This might be by far easier than proposing a girl, but the time given is too short.. Therefore an ultimate comprehensive and efficient plan must be created.. And of course to work the plan is greater hard to achieve..
In the end of the day Faiz was appointed to be our leader. By record he is one of the most successful with great A license he got in the medical posting as a leader.. However he still kept his black listed record in the  past Obstetric posting which is not a matter pertaining to this job..

Conflict is something usual, and we didn't have to wait long for thing like this to happen.. Conflict may arise when there were some names who neglected their group and didn't do their job well.. Usually people tried to tolerate and that is the best part of this group.. The question is, for how long people can hold their anger..

There will be a lot of discussion in completing the research

Alhamdulillah, when the day came, we managed to come out with our research proposal.. Maybe because we work as a team and of course with the help from Allah.. After presenting, as expected the lecturers were not satisfy.. And this led us to another, another, and another meetings.. And up until now, the chit chat still going on..

General Practitioner

Assalamualaikum. Emm when i was a child long-long ago (i was still immature as i am right now), i used to think how easy being a doctor.. Sitting in an air-conditioned room talking with patients for 5-10 minutes and gets money.. Still i am not interested to be a doctor at that time.. It is better for me to make our country proud to be a national badminton player.. (considering that i can grow taller at that time) And i think every children will have the same idea in their mind how easy a doctor work.

Now 4 years passed.. I am in the clinical years.. Having done 4 posting before, i realised that it is a bad thing to be a doctor considering the work load and the pressure that we have to carry along.. Of course many of them feel like quitting.. Dont worry they will not quit as long as they dont fail.. 4 posting already passed, i am not sure if i can remember what have i learnt or not.. But i am sure that, after this i am going to my home town for my general practitioner (GP) posting..

GP is a doctor that run a clinic or having a clinic network.. Most of them are yet to specialized.. The fascilities are also few compare those at the hospital.. They only cater the case that is not beyond their abilities.. For any heave case, they usually will refer it to the hospital for further management..

The medications used might not the same as those in the hospital, but equally effective and usually better.. Here are the important things that i learned during the posting..:

The most important element in the setup :

(1) doctor
(2) patient
(3) building or clinic
(4) medication
(5) cash

Being a GP, 1 must have a very good soft skills, because unlike the government hospital or clinic, the customers pay a lot of money.. Therefore if we cant make the customers satisfy, of course we will have problem in generating income..

This is the picture of my friend's (Faizal) GP clinic which is Klinik Adham own by Dr. Jaini.. He had 4 staffs.. The working hour is from 0800 to 2200.. The clinic is not too far drom my house, so i used to go there whenever Faizal call me.. I am sorry my GP clinic picture is not included in this post.. The point to ponder is being a doctor is very hard even in the student days

P/S : next is a series of story from the most exciting and relax posting ever, Community health posting..


Welcome to the Ampang Labour Room..!!

It is quite a busy place even at night
(influence by the 'buat anak' season)

Assalamualaikum. Emm there will be a time where people will be tested from every angle in their life.. It depends on them to tackle or settle it.. Those who had iman and taqwa will have the passion along them to handle the situation.. It is true in reality.. Some people still relax although there are a thousands of cannons and bombs hitting the wall of iman.. However, there are many that cant defends their wall and succumb..

For those who can control themselves, there is no way for them to get stuck

One might not withstand the icy feeling of labour room especially at night

In clinical posting, there will be a posting that may haunted all the medical students.. (This may be only work in USIM) The obstetric posting.. It is the posting that may reveal the hidden parts of someone.. Dont be astonished by something that you might not see from someone before may happen in a split second.. The liar.. The lion.. The lord.. The lawyer and the other 'L's that not mentioned here.. But it will be nice if we have The loyal standing behind us.. This probably due to the stress that their carry in the posting along.. In the beginning, people might control it.. But the question is for how long the incubation period will be.? Not long is the answer..

Usually the baby is shy to get out, as the result ....

Interestingly, there will be a group of people who does not care whatever happen around them.. This people rarely create problem.. But sometimes, if they neglect everything, the others will get angry and another bomb will explodes.. The bomb is not necessary to explode in front of the target.. But also may explode behind the target.. Huhu thats funny.. (for those who can understand)

Kak Su my favorite JM under over exposure + reflection

I found that obstetric posting is interesting, although I dont want to be an obstetrician.. Alhamdulillah everybody manage to pass the posting.. Next is the GP posting..