Just for fun part-2

My friend Yunus

Sense of humour
Never break your promise or else you will be there with those munafiqin.. As promised, I bring you the other half of my bed time story about the sun-shed side of KalikukuA planet.. The area is really cold.. -74.9 degree celcious.. Once I heard a story from Moscow, when the temperature reach -50 degree celcious, the ear will become freeze and can be detached from the head like we rip a biscuit apart..

Playing with water
The cold weather here influence the behaviour of the population.. They tend to hibernate in order to maintain their body temperature as normal as possible.. This dormant state allow them to save their food and energy.. Therefore those from this area are believed to have pieceful mind due to their calmness even a great calamity approaching.. No matter where or how, one from this tribe tends to be relax and it also influences the mind get rid from the soul.. Even during playing football they might think that they are somewhere in the cave..

Playing with doll

It is thought that those who live in this side of the planet are very afraid of spukati (cat).. They have the speed to run away if chased by this spukati.. (different planet will have different cat) and the researchers believe they are bestowed by the speed of lightning as their defensive mechanism against danger.. They also known as brave fighters and we can find them winning the martial art competition with ease.. Silat, wushu, silambam you name it.. This is because of their speed and strong body build.. Although they are very relax and cool in many aspects, never try to get them angry.. You not gonna see it.. Horror and creepy..

I believe I completed a series of 3 awful stories as a special introduction to my beloved friends Ahnaf and Yunus. I hope these post will not touch one's feeling.. Allah created his servants with different personalities.. However it gives a colourful life.. We should be very grateful to Allah for giving us good friends who can remind us when we do mistake..
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