Just for fun part-1

My friend Ahnaf

A weirdo is a genius creature from the Planet KalikukuA

This might be continuation of the post entitled The tail? of 2 weirdos.. It is recorded in ancient scroll that there was a planet called KalikukuA in an infamous galaxy named iragaga.. The planet never rotates however it still orbitting the giant stars of Maribu.. Because the planet is not rotating, 1 side of the planet is always day and the other had always night.. The population of the planet is called weirdo.. 1 weirdo.. 2 weirdos.. Count it yourself..

Because of the burning temperature of 1 side of the planet, the behavior of the weirdo is affected too. Rumours has it, 1 who came from the side that face the giant star of Maribu with 456 degree celcious will somehow can get angry within a split second and with an unknown reason.. It is because of the sudden explosion from 1 area of the brain.. That is why sometimes people label these weirdos as PMS.. We cannot predict their feeling.. The extremely high temperature of the planet also influence the stamina of the people.. They have a very long lasting stamina.. Therefore they are famous long-distant runner especially in cross country or road relay tournament..
Looking for a space ship

P/s : The other weirdo came from the sun-shed area of the planet.. want to know him, meet me in the next episode.. huhu
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