Bangunan Canselori USiM

Assalamualaikum. Emm we meet again after a while.. The crucial time has passed.. Now the regrouping has almost finish.. Though we might not see big change in the group reconstitution, but I finally must admit that I am really satisfy with my new partners.. How lovely.. We might see people transferring from a group to the others.. It is whether the group is ill or the person him or herself is not well.. Anyhow, I am feeling better and I hope I am free from diseases for the upcoming years thanks to Prof Burhan our beloved lecturer.. If you love him..The topic is futura.! a fancy word of future I think.. Actually it is one of the typeface.. If you familiar with Microsoft Word.. Day by days we are getting older and older.. This is nature of living things.. Even non-living things getting older.. I believe if I am fortunate enough to pursue my study and continue working.. I will be back to USiM.. Of course this is not guaranteed.. But if not in USiM, any universities which is needing my assistance.. I believe there will be one..They say, if you work in a university as a medical lecturer, you will have better chance to continue your study and become a specialist even faster than those who works in the KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) hospital.. Oh I like it.. And for a new medicine faculty as USiM or UDM, the rate is faster than Ferrari.. How lovely..
But the thing is, I have met a horde of housemen and even a specialist which refused to get into the university.. The main reason is they hate teaching and even don't want to try.. Its up to them.. So, now we knew that a medical lecturer especially the one who teach clinical student will have 2 works to do.. They have to look for patients and their students.. And where will any lecturer in university will go, if they don't publish any research.? The answer is nowhere.. So now they will have at least 3 jobs to do.. I am not going to use the word 'slave', but they will be burdened with patients, students and research..
Again another but, I also met few doctors which love to work in the university.. Their willingness is appreciated.. They said, though you are only to look for your patients if you work under KKM, the tension and pressure is unBEARable.. BEAR in mind, tension and pressure is not really the same if you study physic well.. And if you work in small hospital or Klinik Kesihatan, these 2 forces (tension and pressure) will be doubled or tripled..So, now you can see, anyone is under pressure.. My advise is, if we can not withstand pressure we don't have to live.. Even a postman or farmer have their very own test from Allah.. It is the matter of how we handle it.. In Islamic teaching or out of the straight highway to the dead end.. Its up to you to choose, but to do my duty as missionary, I will always remind you to follow what Islam had teach us.. Only Islam will safe its disciples..
Here, I attach the salaries of a lecturer in UM, its about the same in the whole country because we are using the same scheme..

Other than medical and dentistry lecturer
(DS45): P1T1 RM2,546.05 - P1T21 RM5,484.96
Senior lecturer (DS51): P1T1 RM4,573.47 - P1T10 RM6,439.44
Associate Professor (DS53): P1T1 RM4,842.03 - P1T10 RM6,797.08

For medical lecturer
(DU45): P1T1 RM2,857.75 - P1T18 RM5,674.21
Senior lecturer (DU51): P1T1 RM4,577.64 - P1T10 RM6,443.61
Associate Professor (DU53): P1T1 RM4,546.05 - P1T10 RM 6,900.05

For dentistry lecturer
(DUG45): P1T1 RM2,835.67 - P1T19 RM5,621.52
Senior lecturer (DUG51): P1T1 RM4,575.56 - P1T10 RM6,441.53
Associate professor (DUG53): P1T1 RM4546.05 - P1T10 RM6821.28

Professor (VK7) P1T1 RM6,595.99 - P1T5 RM9,480.90
So for those, who want to be a lecturer in any university, you can predict how big your house will be and how many wife and child you can have.. Its all yours to choose.. Assalamualaikum

I love my junior the final (surgical posting)

Assalamualaikum. Emm it has been a while before I can jot the final episode of I love my junior.. People are getting busy to create a better group that suit them well.. For me, anyone can be my partners.. And for those who are not interested to be my partner, who cares.. This sok.. sek.. about the new groups made my morale a little bit reduce.. But today, after I read Yusof mail and Hadi's younger sister's blog, suddenly the aroma and aura of enthusiasm came surrounding me.. To both of them they should receive my humble salute as gratitude..

The journey is very long.. We chose the journey no point to turn back..

Okay, now suppose we are ready for surgical posting case.. This is one of the biggest posting second to the medical posting.. For those who know, some doctors considered orthopaedic is also a part of surgery.. Of course, because we can see patient goes under knife in the operation theater.. Forget about it, because we are only try to focus on the year4 surgical posting.. I hope you can get benefit from this article..Surgical / surgery is a major posting and as mentioned in the last post, every major posting will be about 9 weeks long and the final week is the exam week.. This is the first clinical posting I encountered.. Many seniors said that surgical posting is easier and much simpler than the medical posting where we don't have to present case in great detail nor we have to read a lot.. Oh, it was a very good thing to be heard at that time.. The bad thing is, only 2 of our friends managed to pass MCQs question and guest how much both of them got.? 50/100 huhu.. Very easy huh.?

This happened, because our new coordinator, Dato' Mahmud is a very good and well known person created the questions in a manner that we must understand the care of a patient in great details.. Many of our friends succumbed this exam.. This is where, a bunch of C rated students created.. But because the medical posting is as easy as ABC, these C rated students came back in a fashion to score.. Alhamdulillah

One particular thing in surgical posting which might haunting you is, the equipment and apparatus.. You MUST be alert to everything surround you because there will be a lot of thing which are so weird and you might not see this thing again when you go to the other posting.. In Ampang, there is Miss Aishah (already married).. Oh forgot to say, because we are following the Englishman, this might be one of the culture left by the invader, every male surgeon has initial Mr. instead of doctor.. Example: an orthpaedic surgeon from USiM, Mr. Burhan.. (He is very famous with the nick name of Mr. Borb).. Same goes to female surgeon, they are call Miss..
You should study your anatomy.!

Okay, in Ampang, Miss Aishah is the head of department.. She is a very dedicated and skillful surgeon.. Any type of surgery, especially breast surgery is where she adept in.. You must follow her ward round because she will ask you so many things, and if you always answer her questions and managed to attract her, (remember she is a good friend of Prof Burhan) your carry marks will be better than the others.. Believe me..

In surgery, I don't think you have to buy the Oxford pocket book because I found it not worthy or shall I say useless to buy except you want to complete all the Oxford pocket collection.. I suggest you look for Indian book.. The language are simpler and they teach you by their understanding not by silly bus huhu.. Again this is just a suggestion..

In clinical years, the communication skill is one of the essence

In both medical and surgical posting, you have a log book to be filled.. Of course they have marks (10).. You might see a bunch of monkey might get so exited to take blood, to do this and that.. It is compulsory for me to remind you, that a patient in the hospital is already in pain.. Please think about them.. You must learn it carefully before you start to take blood.. You may ask your friend to take your blood first and then you know how it feel.. If you are not sure or confidence, please use 'look and see' policy first.. This is where your communication skills is tested.. For those who have higher or better communication skills, they can get much procedures to be done from the nurses and HOs..

I think, thats all folk, from me.. Hope all my friends can gain benefit from it.. I miss any question or suggestion from you.. Assalamualaikum

I love my junior part2 (medical posting)

Assalamualaikum. Emm as promised, I will continue my post entitle I love my junior part2.. In this post, I will tell you about medical posting which all of us will encounter in year 4,5 and 6.. But because I only had passed the year 4, therefore my elaboration will only up to the year 4.. Not more than that.. If you want more, you may ask the 1st batch, or you can ask me next year.. (if pass the year 5)They say, medical or medicine is the toughest among all in the clinical years.. You have to read a lot and one even might remember Prof. Kannan's face when they read the medicine book. It might be true in real life as you become a real doctor when you want to become a medicine specialist.. (ask Dr. Aziz) But, in year 4, actually the medical posting along with community health posting are among the easiest posting where you can score.. Why.?
  1. The question is only for common problem.. (common things are common)
  2. Pray to get Dato' Zul, Dr. Rosaida or Dr. Mano as your examiner.. You are one step ahead to pass
  3. If you take your exam in Ampang, you are one step ahead to pass because most of the examiner are very lenient.. (those from UKM and Hospital Ampang)
  4. A host of skillfull doctors from HUKM are there to teach you..
  5. The questions will be asked already been discussed in class by Dato' Zul.. (take not
Seriously although you might see fewer cases in Ampang, you will like Ampang much more than Temerloh.. In Temerloh there are a lot of cases and even the rare one to be studied.. Grab this chance.. However be careful as in Temerloh the Aids and TB patients are everywhere.. Where glove and mask.!

In Ampang the tales is a little bit different.. I hope you will not involve in it.. The 2 consultants, Dr. Mano and Dr. Rosaida are quarreling cat and dog.. One is a very good and dedicated person where she lost her position as the head of department to Dr. Mano (by politic in hospital).. It is very interesting to follow the chronicle between them..

My father said "Politics in hospital are really terrible"
You will need a very2 dedicated and responsible leader.. In my batch we have Faiz.. Ceh2
Pray to get a good examiner..


The exam format is about the same with the other postings..

  • 2 parts.. Clinical and Writing
  • For writing, there will be MCQs (vey easy) and Assays (as pathology assay questions
  • For clinical. there will be 1 short case and 1 long case..
  • I hope USiM will not take examiners from UIA this year as some of them are really stric
Here, I will not going to tell you, how you can pass or fail the exam.. It works in a way that is not easy to be understood.. But, as the time goes, you will understand it bit by bit..

To me it is not important how much you read a book or how long you study.. The important is to score.. Of course with strategies.. Many will recommend Kumar and Clerk.. The bible of medicine, they said.. To me no need to buy it except you want to use it on the future which I think is not reliable because the knowledge might be not as advance as those we can find in internet.. You also may buy Davidson or other books, recommended by your lecturer.. To me, if you really want to triumph, oxford handbook of medicine is about to enough..

Its up to you whether you want to buy it now, or you want to wait and see first.. I prefer the latter.. Again I already warned you in the last post.. One might suit my way and might not.. You have many choices.. Choose wisely.. Good luck

I love my junior part1 (clinical phase)

Assalamualaikum. Emm and happy holidays.. I heard from my friend Arif saying that many of their friends are still in a puzzlebox pertaining their clinical posting in year4.. First and foremost I recommend you to be calm because you only started your holidays although most of you might already bored.. Here I would like to share a little knowledge and experience when I first entered the 4th year.. I would like to remind you that my experience is not going to work to everybody.. If you find it not parallel to yourself, I warn you, please dont try this at home.!
Okay, part1 is for the introduction, part 2 is all about medicine posting and the final part is pertaining surgical posting.. Let us begin.. For info, in 1 clinical year, there will be 2 types of posting one USIM medical students may encounter.. Short post and long post.. Some might call it major post and minor post.. Its up to you to choose.. But I believe the contain is the same.. If the last year's system is not changing, the first posting will be either medical or surgical.. These are the major posting..
How it works.?
No1. There will be 2 major groups.. Each will take either medical or surgical post.. Suppose it comes by chance except if there is someone who manage to implore Mr.X to set their turn..
No2. By these 2 groups (medical and surgical), they will divide them into 2.. 1 will pursuit to Temerloh and the others will remain in Ampang.. I cant assure about it because, the faculty might change it because they want to cut off the budget.. So now we have 1 medical and surgical in Ampang and the same in Temerloh..
No3. When you reach the 5th week, there will be rotation in which those from Ampang will go by bus to Temerloh and the bus will take those from Temerloh to Ampang..
Posting and timing.?
One major post usually takes 9 weeks while the minor post usually will be 4 weeks only..
Rules and regulation.!
This is the most important part.. At the end of each posting there will be exam.. For the minor posting I am not sure.. But I believe no one will fail this posting
But for the major posting, you can fail any major posting you want, but only once.. If you fail 2 major posting, autimatically you will be left behind for one year with the juniors.. What a shame..
And for any major or minor posting you failed, you have to repeat it in the end of the year.. How tired..
Here are some advice.!
This is the time, where you can perform your hobbies or whatever you want.. But never forget to perform clinical examination.. Good news for those who had shown their enthusiasm in past clinical skill with Dr. Suhaila, they might score in clinical exam provided they remember it..
You can eat as much as you want.. But believe me, only Faiz Ezanee failed to raise his weight in my batch during our 4th year..
This might be the perfect time to get married.. Less notes to be read, and much time can be spend together.. Plus bonus : can practice clinical examination together..
Last but not least, never forget that as a Muslim please :
++ Never quarrel (not going to happen)
++ Perform `ibadah with the plenty time given
++ Show respect, sympathy and empathy to the patient and hospital workers
With all these, I hope all the juniors may perform in their clinical phase.. Believe me, it is not as hard as the pre-clinical phase.. You can ask question if you are still in the maze


Assalamualaikum. Emm it seems that many of the university students now are on their long holidays and even are already on their vacation.. I just returned back from Terengganu to know that Pak Zani had ask me an opinion regarding the pink coach.. So this post is a response toward his nasty question.. huhuThe title coach does not means the football coach or netball coach.. It does not means bus too.. Here the word coach is referred to train coach.. Train is neither trainer nor coach.. Ops sorry..
I believe many of us has at least once experiene using Malaysia's railway public transport system.. And this might be the scenario we might seen.. (This picture was taken in one of my journey from Bandar Tasik Selatan station to UKM station which located at an unholy cowboy town Bangi)

So, the conclusion is never forget to time and plan your journey.. Failure to do so will make you suffer..
In Klang valley itself, we have KTM commuter, LRTs such as Putra and Star.. We also have Monorail other than ERL.. KTM commuter operated under KTM for more than a decade had enhancing their route from Seremban up to Ipoh and now to Penang in the north and Malacca in the south.. I dont know why.? But I am proud because one of the chief in the KTM commuter's operation is the father of a friend of mine, Firdaus Fuzai.. He said that this project actually is a waste because if it is done earlier the cost will be much lower than this.. (I forgot the figure) Okay, I will stop the speculation, or else I will not be able to write anymore if I get myself in custody.. (ISA)

Now, the latest news is the introduction of 'the pink coach'.. I never see the coach yet.. But hope can take some picture of it.. The coach is only for woman or girl, but I heard from the radio the XX oriented men also interested in the coach.. Pink.? I wonder why the colour is meant for women.? But I believe a man also can wear pink dress if he wants..
So, to answer Pak Zani's question.. I think it is a very good aproach because from the pictures above, we can see that, there are so many risks such as robbery and xxx might happen in the coach.. Women might not as strong as a man to fight a snatch thief.. But the most important thing is, for a man, never forget to see the sign before you enter any coach.. For now I think Pak Zani will be satisfied with my answer..