New Semester

Hudzaifah with a cup of tea.. Night at BTN camp

Assalamualaikum. Emm it has been awhile.. Now i feel the time is really haunting me.. Am I really haunted.? Have to finish a posting in 2 weeks.. In this lovely month of July the 6th year student will face 2 exams.. Quite a busy month for us.. Considering some of us still in holiday mode where games, foods, beds and pillows is something that keep playing in our mind.. But this is it.. The final year..

He dreams to be a lecturer in the future.. May Allah answers him

A very nice teacher.. We knew it from her smile

Is there something special being in the final year where everything looks important.? Not really I think.. As long we stay in the right path, InsyaAllah everything will be fine.. Of course with doa'.. Being busy is not only when we are in the medical student.. There are journeys far ahead of us.. Passing the final year exam is not the happiest thing in the world.. Actually it is just a door or a gateway for us to get the license to treat or to 'kill' the patients.. This explain, some people feel very happy when they get married.. Some get relieved when their parent recover from sick and so on.. Because the description of happiness varies from one another..

Teamwork is important.. The team wins nothing, but the spirit is there
Always discuss any problem with friends or somebody.. They might help

Finally I really hope that all my friends will pass the exam and become a great muslim doctors.. We are the leaders.. The least we lead ourselves..