Friend photoshoot - Elya

Friendly : Elya with Bahiyyah

Angry (maybe)

Smiley : I have to zoom from 1.5 km to get this picture

Macho : But I believe she is the second after the machoest  girl in my class.. Can you guess the first.?

Assalamualaikum. Emm this maybe the final post before I leave Tampin tomorrow.. And now I am getting sick to get out from here maybe only at this momento.. But I believe not long after leaving this unholy place, I will be the quickest to feel Tampin-sick because I find this place is so lovely.. In the evening I can play my favourite game, tennis.. Or I can soak my socks by climbing The infamous Gunung Tampin.. By the way it is not a mountain, just a hill with few pylons transmitter..

Back to our topic, this post is dedicated to my yet best friend, Elya.. I have a friend, (she) who has 2 different ends, sweet and sour.? Right now I dont think she can see me around because she will always starling at me.. Many of my friends wonder why the way she threats me differ from the others.. No one know and it is a mysery mystery that I believe she also have no idea why.? Only god knows her servant.. But I hope one day she will be okay with me because I can not see any faulty from my side.. Perhaps I did something and not realize it.. My apology.. Okay thats all for now, hope to write again when I reach Ampang by Saturday maybe.?

p/s : These pictures only can be seen here.. Anyone who want the pictures, please kindly ask them from me..

7 Responses
  1. Ndea Says:


    sweetnye ko din muahaha...nti buat entry utk kitorg sorg satu gak ekh....hahaha


  2. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm oh ye ke aku sweet.? Ko nk ngurat aku eh.? Bulih2 ade lg 4 tmpat kosong huhu

  3. Hadi Says:

    oooo... ni la elya yg ko ckp tuh..
    xpe2. org tua2 ckp awal2 gado, lama2 naek pelamiiinnn! haha

  4. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm org tua2 tu xblajo sains.. Jd jgn pecaye ckp diorg..

    Yg ko terbatuk2 ni pehal lak wahai abg ku.? Gi makan ubat yeq..

  5. arifmustapha Says:

    u romantik la deen.. ilike~

  6. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm bro.. Kt jordan ade tenet eupenye.? Ingatkan diorang pakai asap lg..