Islamic doctor.?

Emm chocolate.! Shall I meet the dentist after this.?
Assalamuualaikum. Emm the Community Health mode was over.. Now holiday mode might be.? Being a muslim is the most expansive give I got.. Should all the people obey the Islamic rules, the universe will be peaceful and harmony.. However, here we are in the mortal earth, nothing is perfect.. People will keep harming others if not to themself..
Krrriinngggg.... I got a call in a very peaceful morning.. By the way that is not my ring tone.. It is an anonymous number.. I picked up and answered.. It is a low sad voice and I can not recognize whose voice is this although I used to hear the voice for 5 years.. It looks like an urgent, but why must the tune is really awkward.? "Deen, you are a doctor right.?" Of course he was speaking in Malay that time.. I mean I already translated it to English.. "A friend of mine had aborted her 4 month baby, the "meat" had been pull out.. But she is not sure which one is placenta.?" he said calmly.. Now I knew to whom I was talking to.. So sad to see my friend put himself in that situation..
I asked him why dont they bring the girl to the clinic or hospital.? The excuse was, they dont have money for that.. I told him if they go to the hospital, the dont pay much.. It seems that no point for me to elaborate more as they want to make it 'simple and easy.?' The point is, they already got the meat, but they were unsure about the placenta.. To make it short, I told him bla.. bla the bla.. He said "yes she is still bleeding.." It is normal if they have minor bleeding after delivery.. But if it is not stopping or become worse, they should bring her to the hospital.. I mention the word 'they' because he said that he was only the third party and just helping both of his friends.. Actually the placenta is already out, but they were not sure of it.. My friend is really happy and he said they are preparing to bury it in respected way.. (at least they respect the death)

All the time given is the time for the future

After a lengthy discussion, i told him if the girl becomes weaker or get a high grade fever, just bring her to the hospital.. After a moment, we ended our conversation.. It is not end there.. Up until now, I still keep thinking whether I have done my job correctly and ethically.. Yes, as a doctor, I think I almost fullfilled my job in recuing the girl.. But have I done my job as an Islamic doctor.? Now the depth of my stupidity keeps haunting me.. I regretted not to remind them even 1 sentence. At least I should leave him an advice to remember Allah or confess before the time comes.. If we are a great engineer, let us be a great Islamic engineer, or if we are a successful bussinessman, remeber that all we have now, is from Allah.. And in the end we will be with Him, Hopefully.. Enough from me for today..
p/s : Oh so lucky, I got my friend to take picture of me.. Credit to Faiz Ezanee for the first picture.. The other pictures brought to you by Yunus the weirdo's masterpiece.. Anyhow I believe you dont really want to see my pictures
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  1. Sop Says:

    in do-it-yourself cases, infection rate is very high and one can die from such infection.. and hopefully no retained placenta..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Please write in English (Not Manglish)

  3. Dd4 Says:

    to Sop > Yeah i cannot agree more than U ucop.. But I think she is ok..

    to anonymous > thank U whoever u are, I still in the learning process

  4. Dd4 Says:
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