Bangunan Canselori USiM

Assalamualaikum. Emm we meet again after a while.. The crucial time has passed.. Now the regrouping has almost finish.. Though we might not see big change in the group reconstitution, but I finally must admit that I am really satisfy with my new partners.. How lovely.. We might see people transferring from a group to the others.. It is whether the group is ill or the person him or herself is not well.. Anyhow, I am feeling better and I hope I am free from diseases for the upcoming years thanks to Prof Burhan our beloved lecturer.. If you love him..The topic is futura.! a fancy word of future I think.. Actually it is one of the typeface.. If you familiar with Microsoft Word.. Day by days we are getting older and older.. This is nature of living things.. Even non-living things getting older.. I believe if I am fortunate enough to pursue my study and continue working.. I will be back to USiM.. Of course this is not guaranteed.. But if not in USiM, any universities which is needing my assistance.. I believe there will be one..They say, if you work in a university as a medical lecturer, you will have better chance to continue your study and become a specialist even faster than those who works in the KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) hospital.. Oh I like it.. And for a new medicine faculty as USiM or UDM, the rate is faster than Ferrari.. How lovely..
But the thing is, I have met a horde of housemen and even a specialist which refused to get into the university.. The main reason is they hate teaching and even don't want to try.. Its up to them.. So, now we knew that a medical lecturer especially the one who teach clinical student will have 2 works to do.. They have to look for patients and their students.. And where will any lecturer in university will go, if they don't publish any research.? The answer is nowhere.. So now they will have at least 3 jobs to do.. I am not going to use the word 'slave', but they will be burdened with patients, students and research..
Again another but, I also met few doctors which love to work in the university.. Their willingness is appreciated.. They said, though you are only to look for your patients if you work under KKM, the tension and pressure is unBEARable.. BEAR in mind, tension and pressure is not really the same if you study physic well.. And if you work in small hospital or Klinik Kesihatan, these 2 forces (tension and pressure) will be doubled or tripled..So, now you can see, anyone is under pressure.. My advise is, if we can not withstand pressure we don't have to live.. Even a postman or farmer have their very own test from Allah.. It is the matter of how we handle it.. In Islamic teaching or out of the straight highway to the dead end.. Its up to you to choose, but to do my duty as missionary, I will always remind you to follow what Islam had teach us.. Only Islam will safe its disciples..
Here, I attach the salaries of a lecturer in UM, its about the same in the whole country because we are using the same scheme..

Other than medical and dentistry lecturer
(DS45): P1T1 RM2,546.05 - P1T21 RM5,484.96
Senior lecturer (DS51): P1T1 RM4,573.47 - P1T10 RM6,439.44
Associate Professor (DS53): P1T1 RM4,842.03 - P1T10 RM6,797.08

For medical lecturer
(DU45): P1T1 RM2,857.75 - P1T18 RM5,674.21
Senior lecturer (DU51): P1T1 RM4,577.64 - P1T10 RM6,443.61
Associate Professor (DU53): P1T1 RM4,546.05 - P1T10 RM 6,900.05

For dentistry lecturer
(DUG45): P1T1 RM2,835.67 - P1T19 RM5,621.52
Senior lecturer (DUG51): P1T1 RM4,575.56 - P1T10 RM6,441.53
Associate professor (DUG53): P1T1 RM4546.05 - P1T10 RM6821.28

Professor (VK7) P1T1 RM6,595.99 - P1T5 RM9,480.90
So for those, who want to be a lecturer in any university, you can predict how big your house will be and how many wife and child you can have.. Its all yours to choose.. Assalamualaikum
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  1. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm Uc0P aritu ko mntak USiM nye photoshot, haa ni sume gambo kat USiM laa nie.. Aku rspect senior aku huhu