jumping mid-wife

Assalamualaikum. Emm oh, after awhile, again we meet.. Actually I am really busy after the semester break.. Paediatric posting suppose to be my heaven if USiM prepare it at least in the modest way they can give.. In the end we were happy after a vacation to the hell for 8 weeks.. Anything happened in the past 8 weeks will never bleach my determination to become a paediatrician in the future.. But no one know where the future lies.. This is not the story of my paediatric posting, this is all about experience I got few days before I enter the paediatric ward..

As usual, you have to look for the title to get at least a frame (if you are too slow to get the picture) of what I am going to tell in this post.. 'Jumping mid-wife'.. What is mid-wife.? Is there full wife.? Half wife.? Quarter wife.? Actually there is no such thing.. Especially as a muslim, a wife is a wife and must do her jobs as a wife to help the husband in creating a peaceful, 'productive' islamic family according to the Islamic teaching.. Okay let me tell you.. Mid-wife is a kind of nurse that has the knowledge and skills in conducting and assisting delivery.. Although it is not a specialty, at least they know how to do it better than the other nurses especially ICU nurses and OT nurses..

In my obstetric posting 6 months back, I met many people.. One of them is Kak Su, a mid-wife in Hospital Ampang labour room.. Labour room is not a room for those Indonesian, Burmese or Vietnamese who works in the construction field.. It is a place for mothers to deliver their baby.. Fathers also can be there to vomit, black-out and cry at least if they are not able to help..
Back to Kak Su, she is a friend of mine.. She taught and helped me a lot to conduct the deliveries.. Not to show off, but USiM medical students have to conduct at least 15 deliveries.. No other universities in Malaysia force their students to conduct more than 10 deliveries.. And it is not a phenomenon for you to see the attachment students from Russia or Ukraine become really proud to touch the placenta and the umbilical cord..
To make the story short, (the longer the story, more people will be attacked my dirty, sarcastic mind) She will get marry in May, and wanted me to do a favour.. It is not a secret as everyone know my fondness of taking pictures.. She also knew it.. She asked my help to be a photographer for her wedding.. At first, I reluctant to do it because I never do such thing.. But she kept persuading me and finally I melt.. "Okay RM300 and its a deal.. But as usual, it is my trend (for now) not to edit the pictures I took" I said to her..
She seemed okay with it.. The next thing I have to do is to get another camera to make my job easier.. Within a split second I found the target, Rahimie.. He is a fourth year students with D90 DSLR (digital single lense reflex) camera.. It is a complicated matter because the camera is really precious to him as he love it more than his six pads abdomen.. But as the MPP's bureau of welfare.. He seems concerned of my problem and lent me his babes.. I promised to give him RM30 for it.. I saved more than RM70 for something alike..
When the time came, I rode my beloved motorcycle to Kuala Pilah.. Its a very long journey which took about one and a half hour by my super fast bike.. There, I have no time to waste and I began my duty.. I did my job quite well for a beginner.. Beside, I never follow people doing this.. As a loner, I had difficulty in adjusting the famous D90.. I always remembered Rahimie as he kept mentioning about the price of his babes if something happen.. Luckily nothing goes wrong that day..The best thing is, we went for outdoor in Ulu Bendul a famous recreation park in Negeri Sembilan.. I like the place and the couple is really co-operative.. The husband is really 'slumber'.. I don't mean he is sleepy.. I mean he is a cool guy.. Therefore its not hard for me to ask for the pose I wanted.. Actually I just pretended as I know the suitable pose for them.. But who knows.? It really works..

I got RM300 minus Rm30 for Rahimie's camera.. Its not a lot, but I am really happy.. I sent the pictures to Kak Su and she is happy to see it.. In the end both parties felt happy.. I hope they will be happily ever after..
Before I end my post, I would like to ask, what and who is actually the 'jumping mid-wife'.? You don't have to squeeze your brain to get the answer..
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  1. patut lah bleh tukaq ekzos motor pun..ada pendapatan tambahan rupanya.. Din, gambaq hang nih kurang mengancam lagi utk RM300. Ko kne edit2 sket, guna photoshop sket, (tp mana ko nk rembat laptop?) haha
    Din, beli lah laptop~

  2. Dd4 Says:

    Emm sejak kblakangan ni ko makin ganas ye.. Aku jd judge scrabble xbole, pinjam laptop member xbole.. Beli pun xgune, ak xreti pkai photoshop tu.. Bnyk2 duit aku pun bole beli ekZos je laa nk beli moto cam ko xdpt..

  3. hehe... aku makin kasar skrg..
    judge scrabble tuh sbb ko x layan aku.. tuh yg aku kacau tuh..haha

  4. Dd4 Says:

    Emm 0o0 you wanna play rough yeah.. Okay.. MRR2 to Gombak.. We will see whether FZ or KX is better..