I love my junior part2 (medical posting)

Assalamualaikum. Emm as promised, I will continue my post entitle I love my junior part2.. In this post, I will tell you about medical posting which all of us will encounter in year 4,5 and 6.. But because I only had passed the year 4, therefore my elaboration will only up to the year 4.. Not more than that.. If you want more, you may ask the 1st batch, or you can ask me next year.. (if pass the year 5)They say, medical or medicine is the toughest among all in the clinical years.. You have to read a lot and one even might remember Prof. Kannan's face when they read the medicine book. It might be true in real life as you become a real doctor when you want to become a medicine specialist.. (ask Dr. Aziz) But, in year 4, actually the medical posting along with community health posting are among the easiest posting where you can score.. Why.?
  1. The question is only for common problem.. (common things are common)
  2. Pray to get Dato' Zul, Dr. Rosaida or Dr. Mano as your examiner.. You are one step ahead to pass
  3. If you take your exam in Ampang, you are one step ahead to pass because most of the examiner are very lenient.. (those from UKM and Hospital Ampang)
  4. A host of skillfull doctors from HUKM are there to teach you..
  5. The questions will be asked already been discussed in class by Dato' Zul.. (take not
Seriously although you might see fewer cases in Ampang, you will like Ampang much more than Temerloh.. In Temerloh there are a lot of cases and even the rare one to be studied.. Grab this chance.. However be careful as in Temerloh the Aids and TB patients are everywhere.. Where glove and mask.!

In Ampang the tales is a little bit different.. I hope you will not involve in it.. The 2 consultants, Dr. Mano and Dr. Rosaida are quarreling cat and dog.. One is a very good and dedicated person where she lost her position as the head of department to Dr. Mano (by politic in hospital).. It is very interesting to follow the chronicle between them..

My father said "Politics in hospital are really terrible"
You will need a very2 dedicated and responsible leader.. In my batch we have Faiz.. Ceh2
Pray to get a good examiner..


The exam format is about the same with the other postings..

  • 2 parts.. Clinical and Writing
  • For writing, there will be MCQs (vey easy) and Assays (as pathology assay questions
  • For clinical. there will be 1 short case and 1 long case..
  • I hope USiM will not take examiners from UIA this year as some of them are really stric
Here, I will not going to tell you, how you can pass or fail the exam.. It works in a way that is not easy to be understood.. But, as the time goes, you will understand it bit by bit..

To me it is not important how much you read a book or how long you study.. The important is to score.. Of course with strategies.. Many will recommend Kumar and Clerk.. The bible of medicine, they said.. To me no need to buy it except you want to use it on the future which I think is not reliable because the knowledge might be not as advance as those we can find in internet.. You also may buy Davidson or other books, recommended by your lecturer.. To me, if you really want to triumph, oxford handbook of medicine is about to enough..

Its up to you whether you want to buy it now, or you want to wait and see first.. I prefer the latter.. Again I already warned you in the last post.. One might suit my way and might not.. You have many choices.. Choose wisely.. Good luck
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3 Responses
  1. Dd4 Says:

    Emm kalo ade persoalan nk tanye, bole laa diajukan.. kalo bole dijawab insyaAllah akan dijawab

  2. Sop Says:

    just a suggestion - don't put a doc's name unless you're commending them for something. put an initial or an alias. let people guess who the docs involved are.

    for your sake too.

  3. Dd4 Says:

    Emm okay.. I will always waiting for your brilliant idea..