I love my junior the final (surgical posting)

Assalamualaikum. Emm it has been a while before I can jot the final episode of I love my junior.. People are getting busy to create a better group that suit them well.. For me, anyone can be my partners.. And for those who are not interested to be my partner, who cares.. This sok.. sek.. about the new groups made my morale a little bit reduce.. But today, after I read Yusof mail and Hadi's younger sister's blog, suddenly the aroma and aura of enthusiasm came surrounding me.. To both of them they should receive my humble salute as gratitude..

The journey is very long.. We chose the journey no point to turn back..

Okay, now suppose we are ready for surgical posting case.. This is one of the biggest posting second to the medical posting.. For those who know, some doctors considered orthopaedic is also a part of surgery.. Of course, because we can see patient goes under knife in the operation theater.. Forget about it, because we are only try to focus on the year4 surgical posting.. I hope you can get benefit from this article..Surgical / surgery is a major posting and as mentioned in the last post, every major posting will be about 9 weeks long and the final week is the exam week.. This is the first clinical posting I encountered.. Many seniors said that surgical posting is easier and much simpler than the medical posting where we don't have to present case in great detail nor we have to read a lot.. Oh, it was a very good thing to be heard at that time.. The bad thing is, only 2 of our friends managed to pass MCQs question and guest how much both of them got.? 50/100 huhu.. Very easy huh.?

This happened, because our new coordinator, Dato' Mahmud is a very good and well known person created the questions in a manner that we must understand the care of a patient in great details.. Many of our friends succumbed this exam.. This is where, a bunch of C rated students created.. But because the medical posting is as easy as ABC, these C rated students came back in a fashion to score.. Alhamdulillah

One particular thing in surgical posting which might haunting you is, the equipment and apparatus.. You MUST be alert to everything surround you because there will be a lot of thing which are so weird and you might not see this thing again when you go to the other posting.. In Ampang, there is Miss Aishah (already married).. Oh forgot to say, because we are following the Englishman, this might be one of the culture left by the invader, every male surgeon has initial Mr. instead of doctor.. Example: an orthpaedic surgeon from USiM, Mr. Burhan.. (He is very famous with the nick name of Mr. Borb).. Same goes to female surgeon, they are call Miss..
You should study your anatomy.!

Okay, in Ampang, Miss Aishah is the head of department.. She is a very dedicated and skillful surgeon.. Any type of surgery, especially breast surgery is where she adept in.. You must follow her ward round because she will ask you so many things, and if you always answer her questions and managed to attract her, (remember she is a good friend of Prof Burhan) your carry marks will be better than the others.. Believe me..

In surgery, I don't think you have to buy the Oxford pocket book because I found it not worthy or shall I say useless to buy except you want to complete all the Oxford pocket collection.. I suggest you look for Indian book.. The language are simpler and they teach you by their understanding not by silly bus huhu.. Again this is just a suggestion..

In clinical years, the communication skill is one of the essence

In both medical and surgical posting, you have a log book to be filled.. Of course they have marks (10).. You might see a bunch of monkey might get so exited to take blood, to do this and that.. It is compulsory for me to remind you, that a patient in the hospital is already in pain.. Please think about them.. You must learn it carefully before you start to take blood.. You may ask your friend to take your blood first and then you know how it feel.. If you are not sure or confidence, please use 'look and see' policy first.. This is where your communication skills is tested.. For those who have higher or better communication skills, they can get much procedures to be done from the nurses and HOs..

I think, thats all folk, from me.. Hope all my friends can gain benefit from it.. I miss any question or suggestion from you.. Assalamualaikum
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2 Responses
  1. ainamirah Says:

    i was thinking hardly bile these moments were? hhahah las2 bru tringat..nih bfore anatomy 'QUIZ' kan?hak2

  2. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm you are thinking to much huhu.. anatomy 'QUIZ' which is not really like a quiz.. huhu.. But still proud to be USiM representative