I love my junior part1 (clinical phase)

Assalamualaikum. Emm and happy holidays.. I heard from my friend Arif saying that many of their friends are still in a puzzlebox pertaining their clinical posting in year4.. First and foremost I recommend you to be calm because you only started your holidays although most of you might already bored.. Here I would like to share a little knowledge and experience when I first entered the 4th year.. I would like to remind you that my experience is not going to work to everybody.. If you find it not parallel to yourself, I warn you, please dont try this at home.!
Okay, part1 is for the introduction, part 2 is all about medicine posting and the final part is pertaining surgical posting.. Let us begin.. For info, in 1 clinical year, there will be 2 types of posting one USIM medical students may encounter.. Short post and long post.. Some might call it major post and minor post.. Its up to you to choose.. But I believe the contain is the same.. If the last year's system is not changing, the first posting will be either medical or surgical.. These are the major posting..
How it works.?
No1. There will be 2 major groups.. Each will take either medical or surgical post.. Suppose it comes by chance except if there is someone who manage to implore Mr.X to set their turn..
No2. By these 2 groups (medical and surgical), they will divide them into 2.. 1 will pursuit to Temerloh and the others will remain in Ampang.. I cant assure about it because, the faculty might change it because they want to cut off the budget.. So now we have 1 medical and surgical in Ampang and the same in Temerloh..
No3. When you reach the 5th week, there will be rotation in which those from Ampang will go by bus to Temerloh and the bus will take those from Temerloh to Ampang..
Posting and timing.?
One major post usually takes 9 weeks while the minor post usually will be 4 weeks only..
Rules and regulation.!
This is the most important part.. At the end of each posting there will be exam.. For the minor posting I am not sure.. But I believe no one will fail this posting
But for the major posting, you can fail any major posting you want, but only once.. If you fail 2 major posting, autimatically you will be left behind for one year with the juniors.. What a shame..
And for any major or minor posting you failed, you have to repeat it in the end of the year.. How tired..
Here are some advice.!
This is the time, where you can perform your hobbies or whatever you want.. But never forget to perform clinical examination.. Good news for those who had shown their enthusiasm in past clinical skill with Dr. Suhaila, they might score in clinical exam provided they remember it..
You can eat as much as you want.. But believe me, only Faiz Ezanee failed to raise his weight in my batch during our 4th year..
This might be the perfect time to get married.. Less notes to be read, and much time can be spend together.. Plus bonus : can practice clinical examination together..
Last but not least, never forget that as a Muslim please :
++ Never quarrel (not going to happen)
++ Perform `ibadah with the plenty time given
++ Show respect, sympathy and empathy to the patient and hospital workers
With all these, I hope all the juniors may perform in their clinical phase.. Believe me, it is not as hard as the pre-clinical phase.. You can ask question if you are still in the maze
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3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    i 'love' my batch takde? hahaha

  2. remy Says:

    itu gambar time ko menggoda aku main game b4 exam microb n parasit.haha.

  3. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm to:

    anonymous, bukan xsyg batch sndiri.. Tp lg sronok kalo menyayangi adik2..

    Remy, walaupun aku kaco ko dulu,after all alhamdulillah ko lulus jugak..