Assalamualaikum. Emm it seems that many of the university students now are on their long holidays and even are already on their vacation.. I just returned back from Terengganu to know that Pak Zani had ask me an opinion regarding the pink coach.. So this post is a response toward his nasty question.. huhuThe title coach does not means the football coach or netball coach.. It does not means bus too.. Here the word coach is referred to train coach.. Train is neither trainer nor coach.. Ops sorry..
I believe many of us has at least once experiene using Malaysia's railway public transport system.. And this might be the scenario we might seen.. (This picture was taken in one of my journey from Bandar Tasik Selatan station to UKM station which located at an unholy cowboy town Bangi)

So, the conclusion is never forget to time and plan your journey.. Failure to do so will make you suffer..
In Klang valley itself, we have KTM commuter, LRTs such as Putra and Star.. We also have Monorail other than ERL.. KTM commuter operated under KTM for more than a decade had enhancing their route from Seremban up to Ipoh and now to Penang in the north and Malacca in the south.. I dont know why.? But I am proud because one of the chief in the KTM commuter's operation is the father of a friend of mine, Firdaus Fuzai.. He said that this project actually is a waste because if it is done earlier the cost will be much lower than this.. (I forgot the figure) Okay, I will stop the speculation, or else I will not be able to write anymore if I get myself in custody.. (ISA)

Now, the latest news is the introduction of 'the pink coach'.. I never see the coach yet.. But hope can take some picture of it.. The coach is only for woman or girl, but I heard from the radio the XX oriented men also interested in the coach.. Pink.? I wonder why the colour is meant for women.? But I believe a man also can wear pink dress if he wants..
So, to answer Pak Zani's question.. I think it is a very good aproach because from the pictures above, we can see that, there are so many risks such as robbery and xxx might happen in the coach.. Women might not as strong as a man to fight a snatch thief.. But the most important thing is, for a man, never forget to see the sign before you enter any coach.. For now I think Pak Zani will be satisfied with my answer..
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3 Responses
  1. Sop Says:

    but then where will the transvestites fit in? this is a discrimination against mak nyah!! auwww..

  2. Dd4 Says:

    Emm nope, they can enter as long as nobody recognize them.. Anyhow if you spend a little time on she-wolf at tv3.. The wolf also howl like them.. auwww..

  3. Atiqah Says:

    We have pink coaches in Egypt and they really are handy, especially for the generally petite and graceful Malaysian female. Protect us from horny and/or sweaty males haha. Males who get caught in females' carriage will be taken away by the guards.

    The dust in Egypt may be overwhelming, but the transport system really is easy and super cheap. A one-way ticket to anywhere is a mere one Egyptian pound (RM0.60 give or take).