Welcome to the Ampang Labour Room..!!

It is quite a busy place even at night
(influence by the 'buat anak' season)

Assalamualaikum. Emm there will be a time where people will be tested from every angle in their life.. It depends on them to tackle or settle it.. Those who had iman and taqwa will have the passion along them to handle the situation.. It is true in reality.. Some people still relax although there are a thousands of cannons and bombs hitting the wall of iman.. However, there are many that cant defends their wall and succumb..

For those who can control themselves, there is no way for them to get stuck

One might not withstand the icy feeling of labour room especially at night

In clinical posting, there will be a posting that may haunted all the medical students.. (This may be only work in USIM) The obstetric posting.. It is the posting that may reveal the hidden parts of someone.. Dont be astonished by something that you might not see from someone before may happen in a split second.. The liar.. The lion.. The lord.. The lawyer and the other 'L's that not mentioned here.. But it will be nice if we have The loyal standing behind us.. This probably due to the stress that their carry in the posting along.. In the beginning, people might control it.. But the question is for how long the incubation period will be.? Not long is the answer..

Usually the baby is shy to get out, as the result ....

Interestingly, there will be a group of people who does not care whatever happen around them.. This people rarely create problem.. But sometimes, if they neglect everything, the others will get angry and another bomb will explodes.. The bomb is not necessary to explode in front of the target.. But also may explode behind the target.. Huhu thats funny.. (for those who can understand)

Kak Su my favorite JM under over exposure + reflection

I found that obstetric posting is interesting, although I dont want to be an obstetrician.. Alhamdulillah everybody manage to pass the posting.. Next is the GP posting..

2 Responses
  1. Sop Says:

    perform gak kamera ko dlm indoor.

  2. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm xde laa.. Nasib2 je tu.. aku main tangkap je.. Bnyk lg kne blajo