General Practitioner

Assalamualaikum. Emm when i was a child long-long ago (i was still immature as i am right now), i used to think how easy being a doctor.. Sitting in an air-conditioned room talking with patients for 5-10 minutes and gets money.. Still i am not interested to be a doctor at that time.. It is better for me to make our country proud to be a national badminton player.. (considering that i can grow taller at that time) And i think every children will have the same idea in their mind how easy a doctor work.

Now 4 years passed.. I am in the clinical years.. Having done 4 posting before, i realised that it is a bad thing to be a doctor considering the work load and the pressure that we have to carry along.. Of course many of them feel like quitting.. Dont worry they will not quit as long as they dont fail.. 4 posting already passed, i am not sure if i can remember what have i learnt or not.. But i am sure that, after this i am going to my home town for my general practitioner (GP) posting..

GP is a doctor that run a clinic or having a clinic network.. Most of them are yet to specialized.. The fascilities are also few compare those at the hospital.. They only cater the case that is not beyond their abilities.. For any heave case, they usually will refer it to the hospital for further management..

The medications used might not the same as those in the hospital, but equally effective and usually better.. Here are the important things that i learned during the posting..:

The most important element in the setup :

(1) doctor
(2) patient
(3) building or clinic
(4) medication
(5) cash

Being a GP, 1 must have a very good soft skills, because unlike the government hospital or clinic, the customers pay a lot of money.. Therefore if we cant make the customers satisfy, of course we will have problem in generating income..

This is the picture of my friend's (Faizal) GP clinic which is Klinik Adham own by Dr. Jaini.. He had 4 staffs.. The working hour is from 0800 to 2200.. The clinic is not too far drom my house, so i used to go there whenever Faizal call me.. I am sorry my GP clinic picture is not included in this post.. The point to ponder is being a doctor is very hard even in the student days

P/S : next is a series of story from the most exciting and relax posting ever, Community health posting..
4 Responses
  1. Hadi Says:

    bestnye GP kat situu... meow.. :p

  2. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm nnt kalo ko bukak klinik, ko letak laa staff2 yg mletup huhu.. Tp tutup aurat laa

  3. Faiz Ezanee Says:

    GP dan duit x leh dipisahkan. tp kite semua memerlukan GP utk krgkan workload KK.. kalo ko nk duit bnyk buat je locum..tu pun dah ok.

    posting CH relax utk org2 yg x mahu berfikir. (x perlu jadi manusia pun xpe)..lols

  4. Dd4 Says:

    Faiz, jgn laa luahkan isi hati kt cni, sedih aku..