Malaysia's backbone

Malaysia is a very famous country for those who wanna get a peaceful, quiet and beautiful flora and fauna.. It is not a weird scenery to see the outsider wandering around to see the beauty and uniqueness of Malaysia.. And we as the people who thrive here should welcome them warmly.. Not because we are thought to respect the guest, it is because the money they brought here.. Economy..

Actually not many people realize the hill at the back of Ampang is related to Titiwangsa Ranges (Banjaran Titiwangsa).. This ranges is the longest rangest in peninsular Malaysia.. That it is why it is also known as Malaysia's backbone.. For those who love geography, they will not suprise by the fact that this ranges is a continuation of Himalaya Ranges.. The highest ranges in the world with its famous Everest and K2 mountains.. The Titiwangsa Ranges runs south-north from Negeri Sembilan to Thailand.. There are many mountains here ranging from 900m to 2100m in height.. The highest summit is Korbu Mountain 2183m.. There are many other summits which is not mentioned here.. Search enternet to get info, or ask the expert..This time, I went for a morning trip with my friend Hazim Hushim.. He was so enthusiastic to see the beauty of hills and mountains of Titiwangsa Ranges.. It is a worth journey because the distance is not far from our hostel.. Its only about 25km from Ampang.. And for those who is tired with unhealthy air in kL, this is a marvellous place to rejuvanate your respiratory system.. The air is clean and fresh..
You are not lonely here, because there will be a lot of people travelling from near and far to get here.. Some of them came to take pictures, to camp and hike.. The most is to run from the busyness of town that hounting them in the weekday.. So friends, why not relax our mind by visitting Malaysia's forest, a hugh rewards from mother nature to us.. Alhamdulillah thanks to god for giving us such a nice place to visit. More places we wander, more times we wonder.. And finally we know, everything comes from Allah and as the servant, we must not forget our duties.. Wallahu'alam..
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  1. *Mina* Says:

    Nice photos.especially the first one at the top.sangat cantek..

  2. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm tq Mina.. Tp biase je gambo tu.. Bnyk lg kene blajo