Community Health

Part 1 - Research Proposal : Never ending story

Assalamualaikum. Emm this is my last posting in this long season, Community Health.. Actually when the rumors came saying that my group will do this posting earlier there was a little bit feeling of uneasy in my mind.. It is because this is a very enjoyable posting and it will be nice if it is in the end of the year as my final posting.. So I can continue joy when end year break comes.. Allah knows everything.. My dream comes true.. And now, I am here in the Community Health posting at the very end of the season..

Although people find it as a very relax and joyful posting, in the first week we are given a task to propose a research.. This might be by far easier than proposing a girl, but the time given is too short.. Therefore an ultimate comprehensive and efficient plan must be created.. And of course to work the plan is greater hard to achieve..
In the end of the day Faiz was appointed to be our leader. By record he is one of the most successful with great A license he got in the medical posting as a leader.. However he still kept his black listed record in the  past Obstetric posting which is not a matter pertaining to this job..

Conflict is something usual, and we didn't have to wait long for thing like this to happen.. Conflict may arise when there were some names who neglected their group and didn't do their job well.. Usually people tried to tolerate and that is the best part of this group.. The question is, for how long people can hold their anger..

There will be a lot of discussion in completing the research

Alhamdulillah, when the day came, we managed to come out with our research proposal.. Maybe because we work as a team and of course with the help from Allah.. After presenting, as expected the lecturers were not satisfy.. And this led us to another, another, and another meetings.. And up until now, the chit chat still going on..

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