It is said that, our metabolism will drop by 2% in every 10 years of life.. That is why, we use to see the elderlies are more fleshy than the younger one.. Here I do not state that all the youngsters are thin, but compare to the elders, we are more lucky to have a higher metabolic rate compare to them and suppose to be thinner than them.. But in reality, there are a lot of kids and teenagers who is overweight and some are obese.. 

Eating habit should be monitored.. We also must know our workloads and activities done daily.. Therefore we can assure that the foods taken are used to generate energy.. Because some people just keep eating and eating, they tend to forget that they actually live in a sedentary lifestyle which is one of the most important factor of obesity..

This is jotted down as a reminder for me and other friends that had been or yet to realize that they are 'heavy' right now.. Remember, we are not married yet and need to keep the assets and our price high.. Huhu actually me myself can not co-op with this situation and many others out there will face the problem..

Schools and Universities should conducts their own version of 'The Biggest Looser' at their place to introduce people the right way to maintain body fitness.. Remember.! Only eat when needed in a small amounts and to have an extra session of exercises every week.. Not to forget the role fo parents to watch their children

This advertisement, may not work to some people, but believe me, many people out there are in a real threat.. Let us burn our fat and keep the body fit and tight..

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