Panning technique

Assalamualaikum and a very good day and night. Emm for what we buy a camera if we dont make use of it.? Why some people claim that they are very interested in photography.? One might thinks that photography is his or her hobby.. Actually photography is a very healthy way to express ourselves and to propose our interest.. For me it is just a kind of a hobby that suits a daredevil like me.

There was once a boring evening.. Nothing to do.. Bare in mind I am still in community health mode.. I left my racing horse in Tampin therefore I can not move further than 1 inch.. Oh, so boring.. But luckily I still got my camera with me.. Within a split second I knew I can kill my time with my camera.. Please never use your camera to kill anybody..

I went down the condo, stood at the road side and setting my camera.. What more important here is to set the camera especially for those who prefer manual shots.. In amazement I only know how to shoot with manual and auto modes.. Therefore the shutter priority or aperture priority modes has lost its function at all..

Please click at me.. Really sharp is it.?

We have to know that, in the road there are 2 types of vehicle.. 1st is non moving vehicles and the other is moving vehicles. It is routine thing to capture the non moving vehicles.. But for the moving vehicles.. Well it is not as easy as we think.. For those who prefer manual shots, they need to be alert on the speed, light and distance of the vehicle from us.. Usually in the sunny day, where the intensity of light is high, many favour to capture the high speed vehicle.. We even can capture a still image of a formula one car.. In contrast, people will look for slower moving vehicle in cloudy day considering the intensity of light at that time is lower. The most important thing is to follow the movement of the vehicle.. It is easier to follow the distant vehicles rather than the near one..

Experience if not the best, is a very-very good teacher.. The setting we used basically base on our skill and experience.. For the beginner, the easiest way to learn and prediction for the setting is by capturing the picture using the auto mode.. When we get the picture we want, we look for the info and the camera will tell us the right setting we have to use.. After that we can try to set the camera ourselves base on what the camera tell us before.. Easy right.. Well let us try it.. Please try this at home and make the camera as your best friend.!!

4 Responses
  1. arifmustapha Says:

    mantap ah ko punya panning..

  2. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm jom laa.. Sblum sbtu ni aku balik.. Kite buat program la

  3. Sop Says:

    outing panning? xde sape nk wat outing USIM ke?

  4. Dd4 Says:

    Emm i do have some pictures Ucop.. Tp skunk ni USiM dah ade utk photo.. USiM bg die pakai MARK II 5D lg.. jd xyah laa aku susah nk tgkap, biar die buat keje die je