Beast-throw BoSS > not a good experience in Temerloh

In a sudden, there was or shall I say is a well developed food court in Temerloh, something that we never seen before.. The name is not to mentioned here, though the clue is up there in the title.. It is so huge that it can hold pressure from 300 customers in a time provided they sit on the floor.. Point to ponder is, with it's gigantic size, there should be more than 50 chairs at least.. Maybe they will be willing to buy in the next few decades..

The good things is, it will not take long after you sit for the waiter to come.. The no of customers there explain why.? As usual, I will not order food and prefer to apply wait and see in a new restaurant especially when there is word 'beast-throw' in front of it.. Therefore, let my friends get slaughtered first..

The foods is nor bad.. neither delicious.. I say its okay.. Everyone was happy talking and if there is no idea or topic come to mind, there is a huge screen there to be watched.. and at that time, pink panther was played.. Nothing grows wrong.. Hafriz the guy with a pair of spectacle said that mee kari he ate was slight sour.. But to me its okay.. well how can you complain if you dont pay for it..

Still we have tazkirah to purify our souls

Faiz try to increase his weight

A student SHOULD NOT take more than 2 hours to eat.. So we rushed back after the hour mark.. The waiter is called, she came politely.. What on earth the price was.. Even kopi cam ( coffee + tea ) was RM2.20.. The roof top prices were even experienced by the other table members.. Never mind, be cool pull out the wallet and pay.. Well you can think what the mind say..

repent not to come again
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