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Assalamualaikum. Emm as the time never wait for us, we continue our life.. But we might forget the past because we keep enjoying ourselves.. We also tend to forget the future and hereafter.. Oh no.. After a very long time I never post anything in my humble blog, the mind became rusty to think what to write and what to post.. Preparation, study, and bla.. bla.. I think I still in the facilitator mode after a very enjoyable moment at Tanjung Rhu.. For the year 4 students, probably there were some topics that we missed out during the camp.. So, here I have probably the easiest and the cheapest way to tell a little bit about the clinical years considering I have a lot of time to kill in this Cuti-Cuti Malaysia.. This is actually the edited version of what i have wrote to the current year 5 students..

Never sleep whenever lecturers delivering their lecture

Okay, this guide is free for all but, is targeted for the 4th year student-to-be.. But one must remember that the guide is crafted by experienced.. One might not agree with this, but for me its okay.. But please dont chase me with parang or forceps later.. So proceed with caution.. Most of the photos were taken at the Tanjung Rhu camp.. 

USiM Clinical years consist of 3 years.. The most important part is the Surgical and Medicine.. It is because, they are the first and second posting that all 4th year student will encounter.. As usual, there are 2 main groups.. One for the medical and the other is surgical.. What so special about USiM is we have 2 teaching hospitals.. Therefore, both surgical and medical groups are further divide into 2.. One in Ampang and the other is placed in Temerloh.. Now we see the group is getting smaller.. In both hospitals, we have few medical and surgical wards.. Therefore, the group in Ampang and Temerloh will be divided according to the wards.. So, we will see that, in a ward there will be about 7 student doctors.. Simple right.?

Enthusiasm is needed but it cant guarantee your success

But things will get more complicated, as we also have a stiff competition from other medical school.. In Temerloh, we might have to share the wards with some of the UIAM student doctors.. In Ampang there is a private medical school by the name of UNITAR if I am not mistaken also putting their students too.. So dont get shock when u can see there will be a lot more people with white coat than the patients.. Just smile and be friendly with anyone because when we work, we will never afford to choose with whom we will work with..

Beware.!! Before you cross the road to Hospital Ampang.. They got insurance to drive fast..

Okay, let us see what is needed in the wards.. First attitude and second knowledge.. But we are not to talk about it now, just wait for the next posts.. The third is apparatus.. How to dress.? To enter the hospital, you must bring your USiM matrix card, white coat and shoes.. Never wear slippers.. The guard may stop you  from entering the ward if you don't bring your matrix card..

To be a good student doctor, please always bring your pens, notebook, stethoscope, pen torch, measuring tape, tendon hammer and text book with you.. You will always need them during history taking and physical examination.. You can get it all at Kamal Bookstore, UM bookstore, Unipress or others.. Depends on your budget..

After coming back to Australia, there might be financial problem for some of you, although you might work at Pizza Hut for two months after that.. But for those who are not working, let us plan the budget first.. One strategy is to get as many 'duit raya' as you can and please top up your phone credit to ask for your scholar..

  • Stethoscope : RM 180-250.. depends on the brand.. If you have a good set of ear, you can buy Spirit brand.. But for those who have ear problems, Littmann is recommended.. Of course the price is higher.. If you want to give a stethoscope to your 2 year old brother or sister to play with, the nursing student stethoscope is about RM50
  • Pen torch : RM5-15.. depends on the type.. One is enough.. Better for you to get two.. (to check for RAPD) But for me, one is enough, and you can borrow another one from your friends..
  • Measuring tape : RM5.. If you want to cut the budget, just get it from the tailor for RM1
  • Tendon hammer : RM25-45.. depends on the size.. The adult size is recommended in exam..
  • Text book : RM70-150.. Depends on the publisher..One recommended text book is enough.. The list will be given by the lecturer.. or else u can ask Kak Hayati, Faridah or Ezzati.. Nowadays people tend to use internet..
  • OHCM (small book) RM80.. a must have for medicine not surgical. The latest version comes with higher price.. For me, just get the old version which comes cheaper but quite out-dated..
  • White coat : RM40-50.. You can get it cheaper from Kak Rubi (while stock lasts).. Or just cut your lab coat sleeves up to your elbow for free (not comfortable)..

So, total budget will be around 500+.. But if you use your wisdom, you might spend less.. Morale of the story, JPA gives you money to spend for your study.. Good Luck.. End of part 1..
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  1. husna barakah Says:

    thank you for the guidance :)

  2. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm its not a matter.. What a friend for.? huhu

  3. Faiz Ezanee Says:

    Being friends so that one day, one of the friends will be your wife(s). HAHA

  4. Faiz Ezanee Says:

    Guys, medical stuffs should be in your pockets. Never think you can borrow from friends. They need the same thing too. Never, never, never screw up in medical exam just not bring the tendon hammer..etc. Just think no one will help you if it wasn't you yourself. Good luck! Deen already told you what to do. Have a good rest. Can't wait to share the knowledge with you all.

  5. Sop Says:

    good job on the list. maybe you can list everything needed for CNS examination next!

    uiks, one wife still nowhere to be seen and you dare to dream of wives? which girl would marry a guy who openly states this ambition? haha..

  6. Dd4 Says:

    Assalamualaikum. Emm

    Faiz only know about woman and marriage.. It will be a dream comes true to get 2.. InsyaAllah I will be looking for a junior this year huhu..

    It makes someone like me speechless when hearing word of wisdom from a star like UcoP.. Congarate and hope 1 day we can become a colleague.. huhu

  7. slm ukhwah- medic UNIMAS =)

  8. Hadi Says:

    Long time have not visit this. :D

  9. Emm since i sold my camera, i have no picture to update.. This suppose to be a photo-blog..

  10. Hadi Says:

    well, just buy a smartphone for capturing moments. good picture and pocket size too. :D

  11. i can trace my pics there. hahaha