Broga Hill XPDC

Assalamualaikum. Emm it has been a long time my blog dead and becoming internet scrap.. Oh.. sorry for that.. Not because lack of time, but the desire to post had fade.. So, this can be considered as comeback.. I believe the audience want something fresh and new and original.. And something like that is hard to find.. So, here it is..

This time, under the label rider's profile, I am going to share my experience climbing the famous Broga Hill in Semenyih.. For those who know they will not be astonished with the crowd of a peaceful country side, Broga especially during the weekends. Its like there is something fascinating waiting for them there.. (to me gold is fascinating)

Yeah, its the hill.. Broga Hill.. It is not because of it's height, but because of the panorama it gives for people who dare to climb.. So, drive your car or ride your motorcycle there as soon as you perform the Subuh prayer.. Dont be late, because you will miss the sun rise.. And they say it is a very beautiful scene for you to see if your timing is good.. (provided the weather is clear)

Park your car anywhere along the road side and walk to the oil palm plantation.. You also can park your car inside the plantation and have a shorter distance of walking.. But in the end, you will find an old 'nyonya' waiting at the entrance and smiling at you.. Every smile is not free and you have to pay RM2 for it..
OK, let us not wasting our time there and pursuit our mission to the top.. It is not a long journey, just about 1.8 km to get to the top.. Rumors has it, that 'nyonya' at the entrance with RM2 smile climbs the hill everyday.. So, it is a humiliation if young people cant get to the top.. It is an easy path at first, but later becomes harder as you proceed to the peak.. (I have to lie to make the story interesting) Actually the journey is easy.. But beware, some area might really2 slippery.
If you really aim for the peak, it will take about an hour depends on the traffic.. But I took more time than anyone.. Because I am enjoying taking photos. Grass, hills, mountain and people.. After reaching the peak of the hill, one may continue his/her journeys to the Gunung Tok Wan.. My crew and I went up there.. It is not hard to get to the top.. If you want a hiking experience, find other mountains.. You walk for another 3.1km just to reach the 680m mountain.. Broga Hill's peak is already 450m height.. So you just ascending about 250m.. Besides there is nothing to be seen.. No scenery.. No waterfall, river.. Nothing, just a sign board saying that you are at the peak of 680m mountain..

Not many trees around at the Broga Hill, only grasses.. Green and yellow.. Sometimes already brown.. So, to avoid sunburns, better get down before 12.. And if you are tired, there are few people selling foods and drinks down the hill.
I think not much to say, you better go there by yourselves and see.. Dont forget to bring your camera..
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