Welcome to the Hospital..!! (part 2)

Assalamualaikum. Emm okay, with all the apparatus and equipments needed with you, now you can enter the hospital with smile and confident.. And if anybody ask you where you are from, please answer it with 'proud', "I am from USiM." Some of them might know you. or at least they know USiM.. But dont expect everybody know us.. On your first day, in the ward, the group leader must introduce the team to sister in charge.. Then she will brings you around and talks and talks.. Its dull and boring.. Some of them might get in your nerves.. Be relax, they just doing their jobs.. The nurses are trained like a robot that follow the program.. So, just follow what they say because we are nothing in the ward.. Be humble and never show that you are smarter than other people although you might be smarter than some of the housemen.. (especially those from ------- and ------)

If some of your friends left behind, dont just laugh at them

Okay what are we going to do in the wards.? First and foremost is the ward rounds.. We also have teaching (whether in seminar room or at the bedside).. These 2 will involve the lecturers and the  hospital 's specialists.. But there are things to do on your own such as history taking and physical examination.. Apart from that we also have to do some ward works in order to complete the log book.. I know you will not understand how its work.. But let me try to blow the clouds and dust from your imagination..

Make sure one whole batch pass the exam.. Its beyond logic but nothing is impossible

Ward round..
What is what round.? This is the session where the HOs, MOs, and the specialists come to see the patients at their own bed.. They will discuss regarding the management of the patient among themselves and with the patient.. Dont expect they will have time to entertain you.. But, if you are alert with what they are talking about, you will find it helpful.. So please remember this is as an informal teaching by them.. Please grab the chance and dont miss it.. Some of them might be asking questions and please answer them.. Try to impress them, who knows they will be your examiner..
Helping each other is the key toward success

If you come early to the hospital, (7.30a.m) you might follow HOs round.. This is not really a ward round, because they just review their patient before present it to the MOs.. Then come the MOs to do round.. The HOs will present the patient to the MOs.. Then a little bit of management is discussed among them.. Finally the specialists will come to review the patient.. I will consider it as the formal round.. If you miss the other 2 rounds before is forgivable.. But the round with specialists is compulsory.. The time for MOs and specialists round might varies according to the ward setting..

Please expose yourselves during rounds, they will impress with you.. We are not to showoff our knowledge, but we try to be with them.. Who knows they will be your examiners during exam.. You also might ask question if you have any doubt..

Night at Teluk Chempedak

Ward work..
What is ward work.? Actually its more on doing procedure.. Usually after ward rounds, there will be a lot of opportunities to do procedure such as venopuncture, taking arterial blood gas and many more.. Some of the procedures can be done by the student doctors.. If not, we can assist the staff to do the procedures.. The minimal we can do is to watch.. But if you know how to befriend with the doctors, you can do something that ordinary student doctors cant do.. A hero from my batch (you can guest who) had done abdominal taps twice.. He even had became a HOs when he assisted a doctor doing caesarean section.. At that night all on-call HOs were busy because there were so many patients in critical situation.. All the procedures must be recorded in the log book.. The logbook comprise of 10 marks.. The most important thing is to get the doctor's signature.. This is the easiest task and usually we will wait until the end of the posting and ask the HOs to sign the logbook..

Dzuhur in Kuala Kangsar.. (Masjid Ubudiah)

What is teaching.? I dont have to tell you about teaching.. It is so easy to understand.. If you dont understand, then you can go back to year 1..

Dull evening at Pantai Batu Buruk

History Taking and Physical Examination..
What is history taking.? It is an art for all student doctors and doctors in the world to get the diagnosis.. It  is also a way for you to get rapport and trust from the patient.. I cant tell you how to do it here because it is too long.. You may ask any seniors around and they will teach you how to do it.. This is an art, so, it needs a lot of practices and experiences apart from talent.. If there is a time to do da'wah.. This is the perfect time..  Some of the diseases have it own set of questions..You can get the script from your seniors..

What is physical examination.? In a simple word, it is what you learn at the lab with those mannequins.. If you dont remember, you will learn it by time.. You can use the recommended text book for physical examinations as your reference.. Or u But please you can watch them in the youtube.. But be sure that they use the correct format because some of them are too detail and others are too short.. Dont do it roughly, because dolls or dummies are not the same with the real human.. They are sick persons, we have to respect and pity them..
Okay, I will stop here.. I will continue if I get new idea.. huhu
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