D.O will do

Assalamualaikum. Emm had been a long time since my last post.. Today, I want the readers to have a look to one tupical situation in a public hall.. This was taken months ago and here the depth of my laziness to publish is shown after 5 months i took these pictures using my beloved handphone which is bestowed with 8mp camera at her back.. Huh.. huh..

I was there in the hall that Saturday, to take my uncle 'monthly gift' from the welfare.. Its a long list of people came here.. Many of them are elderly and OKUs.. Or we also can find many widows here.. They were gathering in the hall to get their RM300.00.. Wow a lot of money.? Especially now where inflation is rising to the moon and the price of goods and foods are sky high..

There is nothing wrong with the amount given.. They should be grateful because at least they get some money to continue their journey before they reach the pull stop.. But the annoying thing is, because of the lack of system from the welfare people made these respectful golden age people have to wait long every month before getting their money.. Its very pity.. Please do not get angry, because this is a natural phenomenon when we are dealing with the government servants..

They have a nice trend to work slowly because procrastination is what they had been taught by their senior.. So, they inherit generation by generation and it became their symbol of heritage.. We might not seeing this if we go to the banks or any firms that is own by private company.. They will try their best to serve their customers..
In their mind, if I am not up to the standard, I will be kicked out.. It is in contrary to the most of the government servants, in their mind, whatever I do, I will be here.. That is why, we can see them talking in harmony at the stall or restaurant with their uniform.. I even see them at cyber-cafe playing game.. How did I know.? Because they pay me to teach them how to play a certain game.. Huhu, that is the advantage of being a gamerz like me.. And sometimes I even see them playing bowling happily.. In my mind, they were very good at finishing their jobs so the can play games for hours..

What if the prime minister or minister or even a district officer (DO) comes.. Of course they will get the warmest welcome.. They will walk on a red carpet like a super stars.. Everything will be fast and smooth.. Not only at that time, even 1 week before the schedule, they already painting here and there, putting decoration anywhere.. Why this does not happen in above situation.? They are human too.. The answer is simple, D.O will do..

Actually, still there are many government workers who work very hard to fulfill their responsibilities.. To them we should thank them for their tireless effort.. They are our hero, because without them, our country will not become productive.. Thanks a lot..

Huh.. huh.. I am not going to type a little longer because my finger got fatigue.. But the point is, whenever we got responsibility, please do not make people lost their trust to us.. Allah always know what ever we do, even everything in our mind.. Please do our responsibility.. Till the next posting.. (I dont know how many years)
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