Selamat Hari Raya

Assalamualaikum. Emm Ramadhan left us in grieve.. Grieving that it will comes back.. No matter how, it will never comes back.. Every second passed, will be the furthest destiny, because we will never get there anymore.. Now let us hope that we will be there in the next Ramadhan.. InsyaAllah..

This Syawal will be a frantic month for those who enjoy it too much.. Because there will be open houses, classes and exams.. Open houses is the best of them where we just need to prepare our stomach.. That's all.. Classes and exams however, prove to be something different because not only our stomach must be prepared, our morale, minds, and spirits must be prepared.. Or else, we might be the one who sees red.. Na'uzubillah..

Oh, here I want to tell USiM's new method to repeat year for those who really want to wait for their juniors.. This is only applicable to students who dare to take medical course and currently in the clinical years (year 4,5 and 6).. There is a good news.. But of course a good news will comes along with a bad news too..

Symbol of glory.. But how long can FPSK in USiM last.?

Okay remember brothers and sisters.! Weather you choose to fail or not, please take note.. I will start with the good news first.. For those who failed in their minor or major posting they will not need to re-sit for supplement.. I heard that, this is how UKM and UiTM students being treated.. So, we just copy their idea.. Therefore you can choose which post you want to fail.. BUT REMEMBER.!! Never:

  • Fail more than 2 major posting
  • Fail more than 3 minor posting
  • Fail more than 1 major posting + 1 minor posting
  • Fail more than 1 minor posting + 1 major posting
You can choose one of them happily because no supplements ne
eded for you, but you will repeat the whole year with your juniors..

Okay, i want to continue my raya.. Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin..
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